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StartClock - Released!

This thread is in regards to the Start Menu - Clock! thread I made previously to try and figureout exactly how to do it. Well after about a week of development on the VirtualPlastic boards we've made a version bug free enough to release! I give you the Start Menu clock, boys and girls.

This script can completly replace the current tray clock on the right hand side of your start menu bar by replacing the 'start' text with the current time. To access the date/time menu press CTRL+ALT+D, to exit the script press CTRL+ALT+X.

The source is included.

- BUGS -
* Some sizing issues regarding tool bars, and menu resizing still exist
* Button does not refresh as fast as it could, CPU load goes through the roof otherwise
(any help on these would be great!)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu

chaos945 said:
...exit the script press CTRL+ALT+E.
Errrr looked at the source - seems to be CTRL+ALT+X in the version you shipped! :p

Works though, I am using it at the moment.... but I have to say this should be a beta - it uses too much resource for what it is doing and also seems to send Explorer on a mission to use your CPU more than it ought. Needs reworking, but still - does what you wanted, so well done!

[EDIT] Although I left it running for a while it dropped out a minute or so ago without any CTR+ALT keystrokes :eek: not sure what may have caused it - guess this is something that needs implementing a slightly different way ideally, like the guy did it in AlphaV - that did not take resource and seemed to do the job OK, don't suppose he got back to you from your email?[/EDIT]


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
oh and one other thing I noticed - you don't check if more than one copy of the script is running... this is not hard to do, in fact technique is covered in FAQs on AutoIt and goes a bit like this:-
; Place at the top of your script
$g_szVersion = "My Script 1.1"
If WinExists($g_szVersion) Then Exit ; It's already running
; Rest of your script goes here

And if you want to reduce the script to manageable resource hogging and only need to have the time updated once a minute - just add a sleep(6000) to the main function.... That's what I did ;)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
forcer said:
is it compatiable with things like visual styles bcoz i dont use stand windows theme
it is readily adaptable - here's the version I adapted to not hog resources, show only hh:mm (not secs) and to only run one copy - If you want to I do not thnk you'd have trouble running it, main thing is do you change size/placement of your start button I guess? Why not try it and see?


Seems cool.
Got any ideas for other features besides that. How about having a pin-menu item that renames itsself to be the time.
Not sure but it might be less on the CPU.
No real clue just thinking aloud LOL ;)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Lee said:
odd it is 5 minutes incorrect. Notification clock shows 17:48 Start clock shows 5:43
OOOPpps - forgot to compile after testing something - let me revisit my attachment (assuming I can edit)!!! If you look at the source you will see it exactly....

(Just testing really - to see if anyone used it.... ;) )
[EDIT] upload edit worked - should be right now if you wanted it without compiling source etc. [/EDIT]
Need a few more pixels for the text, some gets cut off.

Also why the AdLibEnable("ResizBtn", 10000) when it is sleeping for a long time anyways. Check out this new source, the pixels are fixed to show all hours properly as well as a tad bit faster refresh without hogging too much memory.

AdLibEnable("ResizBtn", 0) 
ControlMove("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "Button1", -1, -1, 140)
ControlMove("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "ReBarWindow321", 141, 0)
**same changes made in 1.02**
Okay then lets agree on the naming convensions, how about 1.01a for my last build, the second revision after the official one.

For anyone making their own builds 1.xxX being xx is the build revision and X a letter of your choice.
My latest revision 1.02, it is in the source, everyone making revisions just change it there please.

; Revision 1.02
Screenshot and a new icon. One built in, one for the dock, if you want. :D


OSNN One Post Wonder
My addin to restore the button

I wanted to restore the start button when exiting.
here is my au3 file with the changes. If you like it then I will let you compile to release it.


There are some pretty significant revisions this time round. I am quite pleased with myself for getting the time delay stuff all fixed up!

* fixed refresh when starting the script
* fixed refresh issues when adjusting the menu bar
* cleaned up the code
* minor graphical changes
* fixed time delay issues!!!
* resolves memory issues
* time consistency
* added dialog for running more than one instance of the script

- BUGS -
* taskbar is not adjusting properly near the end


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