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start up

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Hi all , when i start my computer i get the black screen thing that says .. 'Microsoft copyright' etc at the bottom left and has the green moving bar in the middle of the screen. However, lately, this screen has been appearing all distorted , usually with the words all bent and discoloured . It sometimes slowly clears up but usually the screen changes to my 'welcome' screen before it manages to. Also ,sometimes,between the black screen and the desk-top appearing i get a blue flash that has lots of other colours on it ! It puzzles me because it wasn't always like this....any ideas .....?....is it a problem ?..

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Hi,it only happens in the situation i described...if that is the splash screen.?...otherwise everything is ok..perfect screens etc.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I had a similar sort of problem with a monitor that was only 18 months old. It ended up shorting out on me. Thankfully it was under warranty & they swapped it with a different brand because they could not fix it.

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