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Start-Up Programs ?



Just got XP on a new computer so I am trying to learn all the tricks still. When booting up it takes longer than my old box. Looking at the task manager there is like 30 some programs starting up. I know what some are however many of them I am not sure what they are for or do.

Can some of these be shut down? Any help in directing me to a place that lists what some of these might be would be greatly appreciated.



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you could also optimize your boot by using Bootvis. i've got my AMD K6 450 booting at a minute flat, and that is with StatBar, Seti, Dynu, and a couple other progys booting as well. To use it quickly, go to, and i don't have the program right in front of me so the menu names might not be right, Options > Trace boot. you will reboot and your boot record will be recorded. then Options again, and go to Optimize boot. Another reboot. let it do all of it's "optimizing" and then after that you should have a faster boot.


Nowwhat the hell......

Downloaded and installed Bootvis, it restarted my system and it gave me a report. Clicked optimize, restarted, and it locked up during the optimizing phase. Had to shut the computer down and restart, now the damn thing is slower than hell, wont load all the programs and I can not access my drive or folders. Any idea what to do now?


Thanks, thats a great source when I get back to normal however I need help returning my computer back to a state that I can use it. Everything takes more than a minute just to open. The thing is messed up and I dont know if its because bootvis started doing something and locked up or what. Is there a way to undo whatever bootvis may have started?


Went into Safe Mode and did a "Next Boot", everything is back to normal. Something funny happens when I optomize, it just locks my system up. I guess I just wont be able to use that program. I will try some of the other mentioned ideas.


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Originally posted by allan
I no longer know if I'm allowed to post these links, but I guess we're all about to find out. This should help:

In all fairness to you Allan, you can.

Forum Guidlines:

• Do not use the forum to advertise retail products or services that are not free or go against other forum rules. Do not post links to competitive XP forums.
Retail Products and Services - We are all for learning about new products but please do not give a sales pitch here. Do NOT post links to referral sites here they will be removed.
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Our own Forum Guidelines specify that you can now. :)

And seriously if it is to help someone after searching through our Forum and it can not be found then there is no harm. But you can also *paste* the piece into your post. :)

But as long as it is not an attempt to advertize for the other Forum. O.K. :D

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Originally posted by C0y0te
Can some of these be shut down? Any help in directing me to a place that lists what some of these might be would be greatly appreciated.

This page is what you are looking for:
It's got a long list of the startup items, what they are and what they do. From it you can decide if you need them or not.

And here he explains about using the information:


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i would also suggest the link that Chastity put up, the one to www.blkviper.com's site. not only does he tell you what the service does, he also list's dependencies, and also a couple of configurations. i found it very useful. even back when i was new to XP.


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Another thing you might want to look at
start up folder
put these items in your quick launch
Another is
The more entries the slower the boot time
Check the program the entry refers to & go through the options to see if there in an option to start with windows & deselect it
Some programs NEED an entry in MSCONFIG in order to work
but a lot dont


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