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Start Menu ??


Just a quick quest which has been bugging me, how do u organize the start menu, programmes folder ? ive tried to right click and explore users etc, this shows most of them but not all, basically i just want to organize this better, ie in groups etc. Is thier a proggrame i can use to do this ?????

Thx for ur time


Well, the rest of your programs will be in "documents and settings > All Users > Start Menu > Programs."

I've tried to do the same as you but for some reason have had little success. Many folders I organize end up empty in the start menu - not sure what im doing wrong. If you have better luck be sure to post.


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Your startmenu (as an admin or user) is actually two sets of start menus combined. It is easy to fix this.

- Right click on the start menu
- Click "Explore All Users"
- Simply right click and cut "Programs" to save those folders/programs to your clip board
- Then right click on the start menu and click Explore. Doing this will bring you to your user folder for the start menu
- Then just paste the other start menu into yours

Doing this makes it much easier to setup your start menu how you want to.

The only folder you cannot remove from all users is start up.

But, be careful, if there are more than one user on your PC, doing this is a bad idea.

This works fine if you are the only user on the PC.

See attachment below.

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