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Start menu too big

I dont know what caused this problem but whenever I go into my start menu the third column of applications are half off the screen. I had 3 columns before and they fit just fine. My moniter is at the correct resolution and I used the auto calibration button to center everything out but still no results.

Any ideas???



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Are you using a third party visual style? Have you tried changing back to Windows Classic then back to the visual style you are using now?
I havent changed anything that has to do with desktop settings since I got my computer. Heres a screen of what's up (attached). But maybe you just cant fit 3 columns and I just didnt realize that it added said column
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First off, why would you want that many columns and that big. Have you installed any new drivers, programs etc.


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Some thing in the third column is that lengthy. The columns are going to be the same width.

You should organize all of that and then you will only have one column.


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or...... could toy around with the start menu folders..... like say.... if you do video/photo editing and stuff like that.... you could make your own folder for Video Editing apps, and have all the apps for video editing in there. then make a folder for photo editing and do the same. and maybe for games and such. either that or fight to get it back to normal size so you can see the third column, or set it so that the start menu scrolls, like i think Win98 used to do by default i think.


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I have my start panel set in ordily fashion. The accesories, games, installes, and startup are all seperated ..


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There are many ways you can organize it. Depends on what you use, how you use things. Either way, it looks much better clean. I think most people would agree.
Sin - do you feel like your mom just told you to clean up your room?

One of your folder or program names is too long or got corrupted causing the column width to be too big. You can right click each one and delete from the last letter to the end of the line directly on the start menu or (easier way) go to each of the Start Menu folders and check them using Explorer.

The explorer start menu paths will be:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users
C:\Documents and Settings\Default User
C:\Documents and Settings\your account name

The bad folder/file could be in any one of those Start menu folders. If it is a multi user machine the trouble maker could have been installed by someone else. P2P download file names are notorious for being obscenely long and causing problems. When you are done that.

CLEAN up that mess! Subfolders were created for a reason.


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