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start menu on dual monitors?


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I just recently plugged in two monitors into my pc, bring dual desktops. I love it! If someone has the ability to do this, try it! But on to my question, how come my start menu is only on one screen? (my primary) Is it possible to expand my start menu? 3rd party applcations?
I am assuming that you mean the logon screen? There is no way to do this. Why you would want to do it I do not know. I run 3 monitors myself. A 21, 19, and a 17. I will never go back to one monitor. Check it out...

The three on the right run on my XP machine... the one on the far right is my linux box. I have 2 other computers but I use VNC to access them.


Apple lover, PC User
i meant the taskbar, oh well. ya i got two 17" screens, just for the week though but im lovin it! Nice setup though Un4gIvEn1.


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Originally posted by lieb39
i meant the taskbar, oh well. ya i got two 17" screens, just for the week though but im lovin it! Nice setup though Un4gIvEn1.
there is a proggie called ultramon that will do it for you... thats what I use :)


now you will have to remember... it is a third party setup... it works WELL.. BUT you may lose the functionality of some of the stuff you are used to.. like some of my hydravision commands don't work well... however ultramon emmulates these commands with its own variation and it works just as well


try it out...create a restore point first...

multimonitor taskbar example

the screen shot in the middle shows 2 monitors with the desktop stretched between the 2 and the taskbar showing apps open in each monitors desktop space...

its quite nice...
it used to be that way in NT and 2000 at first before they redid the driver 2 monitors would be one big desktop say 2048x768. so when you maximized it went across both.........
the new drivers work better and act like it used to in 9x.....

not sure why you'd want ti across more than one, it actually gets annoying as it used to in NT

i will never go to one either....... love it i have 2 computers on my desk in fact, one has a dual and other has a quad head .......:p :p

can have mail client/forum/couple browsers and run apps all spread across them all and see everything at once weeeeeeee


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