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Start Menu Disappearing


I’m a cautious internet user. I mostly use firefox for browsering but when I do use IE… I’m even careful then about the sites to visit and not to. I even have ActiveX control disabled for IE (unless it’s site like windows update and what not). Anyway, the other day while browsering with firefox, I saw my java plug-in pop up when it shouldn’t and all of a sudden my anti-virus saying, I had a Trojan and it scanned it and deleted it.

But, since then… my start menu has been acting weird. I’ve provided a screen shot of my start menu. When it does that, I would either have to restart the computer or restart “explorer.exe”. I’ve even ran full virus scan on safe mode to check if any other viruses still exists or not. This start menu thing is getting annoying. Any help hint on what to do?



Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I had the same problem, never did find out the problem. I don't think I had a virus/trogan. I had feeling it had to do with the uxtheme patcher, I did restore the patch to no effect.

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