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Start Menu Context Menu


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Alright, another question.

When u right click on the start menu you get options...

I use this program called Unlocker, which has to options to remove the context menu....where in regedit can I find this....or where abouts would this be?


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that was kinda it, but this is what im looking to get rid off

and I can't find it in the registry
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Admiral Michael

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I remember trying a program like that a while back. It had a process that ran in the background, make sure you don't have one as well that could be adding this entry.


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Look to see if there is something similar to this in your reg.

Or something similar.

Now this program is such a small program why don't you just leave it? It's not harming anthing is it? Plus from what I have read on it it's a pretty good little proggy. And if you have the assistant running it's using a total of 4300k of memory from what I read on some other forums :eek: with some posts about this proggy.

But doesn't it have an uninstaller or isn't it listed in the "Add or Remove Programs" thingy in the Control Panel?
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He wants to remove it because he just wants to - I wreckon he wants to keep the program but ditch the context menu :)


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That's the thing this proggy when it installs goes into the context menu. So if he wants to keep it... wait keep in what way. Keep it installed but without the context menu thingy? If so I don't think you can, this is mostly the way the proggy works.

This be the proggy:

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Yep. I have used it also. I get that damn "can not delete" shiit every so often after I do an install of something. Just got one a couple of weeks ago with an update of Thunderbird. The auto updater got fuzzy and wouldn't update so I D/L and installed the old fashioned way. Then if you want to delete the damn thing it doesn't let you. Only option other that the Unlocker is to either reboot or log off and then back on.

O.K. I'm goin on and on here. :nervous:

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