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25 Dec 2001
Hi, I am sorry if this has been posted already... but I have tried searching for it.

I am on my new LAPTOP and just installed starcraft, but when I run it it does not appear in full screen mode. It appears in certain resolution and centered in the middle of the screen; rest of the screen is blank/black. I thought it was the directX, and installed the latest version of the directX and the new starcraft/bw - patch... but it is still happening....

Some help will leave me greatful.
just found this via a google search ...
The problem is that you are using an LCD display on the laptop.

The normal resolution for most laptops is 1024x768. When you go down to 640x480 it will only use a portion of the screen. This is normal and a limitation you have to live with on "non-premium" displays.
I have the same thing, but there's an option on mine to change it, can toggle between full screen and normal by hitting Fn + F7 (Don't know if you'll even have Fn, haven't seen it anywhere but on my laptop)
i have starcraft installed on my ibook, it's default to windowed mode, and i think it's fn+f7 to bring it to fullscreen (not sure). but i know the ibooks/powerbooks have that fn key.

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