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19 Apr 2002
Just wanted to let you all know, as you may have overlooked it as i did initially, but Knights of the old Republic absolutely rocks. Its one of the best games I've played in ages. It has a proper Star Wars storyline too, thats been written by some very good writers as it holds very true to the Star wars universe and expands on it too.

Not only that, I'm 30 hours in (3/4 way through), playing as a Light side Jedi, and i get to play it all over again, almost as a completely different game as a Dark side Jedi once i finish it, AND *shock horror* i truly believe that i will.

The structure of the game is such that your constantly making decisions which could push you one way or the other (dark/light), and its upto you to make the right decisions at the right time based on the belief of your character and only take missions based on your ultimate goal/alliance. Which is why you should do it all again as a member of the opposite side of the force as the missions are different as are the interactions you have with the rest of the characters in the game.

Think Star Wars Jedi Academy with RPG elements.

Give it a shot - its worthy.
Oh yeah, I did love this game.

I do recommend playing it more than once, as different force side alignments, but honestly the third or so time you play it you will get bored. There are ton's of sidequests and what not you can choose. Also, there are varible endings depending on your choices. Before you get excited about the multiple endings, they are not *that* drastic, but well worth going through the game in different directions.

It is a very well written game. And it is not just directed towards the RPG types. Meaning you can go through and just destroy stuff if you like. Unfortunatly, you cannot go completely dark side and just start hacking up civilians. The story line did keep my quite involved, and I always considered myself a hardcore FPS gamer.

The only downsides of the game is the lack of legit mod support, and no multiplayer. There are mods out there, but not sanctioned by LucasArts. A toolset or something would have made the game boom for at least another year.

It is definatly a game worth checking out!
Brilliant game, I really loved the story line, the voice acting is perhaps the best ever in a game, great gameplay too. Shame it was so buggy/suffered slight framerate problems on the Xbox.
absolutely amazing game I have to say...I've gone it through three times once as light male jedi once as dark male jedi and once as female light jedi and the game was almost completely different everytime I of the only games I went and did everything like three times so I have to say one of the best ever for me
Blue Jack made a good point there,
I hate RPG's, well at least the ones i've played before anyhoo, and am a bit of a FPS fan, and yet this just site nicely between the two.
TheBlueRaja said:
Blue Jack made a good point there,
I hate RPG's, well at least the ones i've played before anyhoo, and am a bit of a FPS fan, and yet this just site nicely between the two.

Give neverwinter nights a go. Wonce you do you will see how mega simular the games are (KOTOR uses the same engine and system but it looks nicer due to being newer and more "tweaked")

Oh year what else could you expect with this game coming from such mighty parentage as NWN and the Baldurs Gate series... :D It rocks :)
Im not into all that wizard stuff, I think the only reason i like ths so much is because of the Star Wars storyline and characters.
I forgot to mention I'm not into RPGs, or Star Wars for that matter, either. But this game was just awesome :D I played it 3 times through as well.
i wanted to save my money for new books, but i guess used is good enough for school.
Hmm, when I played it on xbox, I didn't think it was "that" good... am I missing something that's on the PC version?!
Depends RagnaroK if your into RPGs or Starwars I am a huge fan of both so it rocks ... :D
indyjones said:
Depends RagnaroK if your into RPGs or Starwars I am a huge fan of both so it rocks ... :D

RPGs and Starwars are both cool... but I despise D&D style games. :p
Well that might be part of the reason you didn't like KOTOR Ragnarok as its loosely based off D&D rules much looser then NWN but as it was said earlier BioWare used the same game engine upgraded no doubt but the same basic engine. Well I never played it on the XBox so I can't say what was wrong with it other then it didn't sell well but sold very well on the pc side. My suggestion Ragnarok is if you know someboby who has the pc version play it and see if its better and/or different then the XBox version that yo did play.

I agree that the game is pretty cool, anybody heard if but more likely when they are going to any expansion packs for it?
I thought it had a hint of D&D rules to it. Interesting... well I think I know a friend that has a copy, I could borrow it off him to see what it's like. Thanks chastity. :D
KOTOR sold great for an Xbox game, I remember it sold 250,000 copies within 3 days.
Well from what I read I got the impression it didn't do so well on the XBox but I don't for a fact either way and really don't care. I think its a great game and I hope you find the pc version to be fun Ragnarok
Has anyone found a problem with the 1.02 version of the games where AnitAliasing isnt on even though its set in the game configs?

I need to goto the graphics option everytime i start the game and select a different level off AA for it to kick in.
Just compleated it as the light side.....truely and awesome game...... may even have knocked baldurs gate 2 off its throne :D DEFINATLY the best starwars game ever!
It's a good game, but I'm not too sure it's as good as BG2. When people start benchmarking newer RPGs to KotOR, then maybe we can truely say it's as good as BG2 ... or has had the most impact.

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