Star Wars: Battlefront


Thief IV
19 May 2003
I just got this game on PC, and I can't call it anything but awesome. It runs (smoothly!) on the Battlefield engine, the bots are excellent, and the graphics are gorgeous. Any fan of BF, Star Wars, or FPS in general should get this.

The first time I jumped into an AT-ST Walker and started blasting rebel forces riding out on Tauntauns, I couldn't put it down.

It's a very complete, very solid game. The graphics are nothing short of beautiful, and the gameplay is addicting. Definitely give this one a try!

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it is my next pc purchase game. i was an ass and didn't pre-order.
Waiting for the pc demo here ... if/when it comes out. Makes me upset cuz the xbox demo for it was included with the Star Wars DVD box set. :( Wonder how much that cost M$?
this is one of the best games ever but if you want to play this game as single player only it's really really play is probably really awesome but I don't have a xbox live account and the multiplayer is probably worth the money alone
Battlefield engine? Its using its own engine, lol.

"Is Star Wars Battlefront using the same engine from an existing game?
No, the engine for Star Wars Battlefront is a brand new engine developed by Pandemic Studios."
lol @ me, yes. I didn't check with Lucasarts and got my info from another source. :O
for some reason i also heard that they were using battlefield engine, hmmm... but what they say on lucasarts must be right... right? lol..j.k.
the only problem with the game is that you can actually kill sad indeed
Any game that lets me pick off ewoks and/or jawa's from 200 yards is a great game in my book..
Well I will wait for a demo, but from the sounds of it, it fails my biggest test, single player length. Like COD, so sad that such a good game was so not worth the $30 I spent. I beat the hardest level in 1 day. Boring. They really need to get on the ball with PC games and get some length into them for single player. I have gotten to really despise online games, though I still play out of a lack of options, due to the mindset of soo many that the only way to play is to cheat. Dull.
Kuja said:
Any game that lets me pick off ewoks and/or jawa's from 200 yards is a great game in my book..

but they are ewoks! :eek:


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