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star trek poll



I am trekky

I love the show , but i have no idea what my favourite episode was

My favourites are with Captain Pickard and Diana Troys Cleavage :)

7of9 is also a good reason for star trek .....

Electronic Punk

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That new vulcan bird, yeah baby.
I think the computers today are not as advanced as the computers in Star Trek, cos Enterprise is set before it and yet they are still more advanced than us etc.
Something that can convert our body matter into energy is still a little outta reach!
About the only programme I get shirty about if I miss it.

No favourite episode, they're all the best.

Voyager far outshines all the others....SO THERE!!


Originally posted by gothic
About the only programme I get shirty about if I miss it.

No favourite episode, they're all the best.

Voyager far outshines all the others....SO THERE!!
zuh!?? Have you watched an episode of voyager??? :D

I never had a huge problem with it, but TNG was much better IMO. Never had a favorite episode though.
Deanna OR 7of9?

Your automotive computer is more powerful than what they had on the Apollo missions.

The episode with the Cystaline Entity. Don't remember what the name was. TNG of course.

Perris Calderon

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ok...my laptop is more powefull then what they invisioned in the first trek years, it wasn't untill a new processor that actually thinks, And killed a couple of people trying to stay alive), that they became more powerfull then what we have.

the best trek series...voyager

the best babe...maybe the first yoemen, but that's because in real life she was a self admitted sex addict (slut)

the best episode...I don't know these titles...Piccard lives a life on another world, in that worlds the last tribute to it's extinct self.

And Piccard is captured, and becomesw Borg (part 1 only, because part 2 did'nt do part 1 justice)


I'm sorry Hal...
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DS9 is the best (but only slightly :))

best ep...err don't know. a very good ep is the one when Siso tries to fake a recodring to get the Romulans in the Dominion War
Although Voyager is up there and they do have 7 of 9. TNG is by far the best series. And yes, Deanna Troy would not want to read my thoughts right now.:D


deanna troy.......i'd love to show her my captain's log

I never used to watch star trek, then for some reason i just watched it one night cause nothing else was on, and my PC was broke.

Have been watching it ever since, i think 7 of 9 kept bringing me back :)

So the Voyager episodes are my favourite



Dealer, the episode you are thinking about was called "Inner Light" (EXCELLENT). My favourite/favorite was "Times Arrow". That was the two parter where Data's head was found in a cave. TNG was definitely the best series. Voyager only started to get good when 7of9 joined the crew, and DS9, well I only watched that to remain faithful. Thank God O'Brien and Garek were in it otherwise it would have been a dead loss.


Perris Calderon

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ya, I forgot that episode where data finds his head, you're right, excellant...here's an interesting paradox...personally, I think the writing in next generation was absolutely the best, yet it's my least favorite of treks...I guess the main reason is the casting, the only actors that I thought did a good job here were piccard and data,

1 )I'm wondering who "number one" did to earn his role, cuz watching him try to be "da man" drove me nuts,

2) Diana...sexy?...puhleeeeze

3) The doctor... so memorable, I can't even remember her name

4)The doctors son? puhhuhhuhleeeeze


Star Trek would have to be my fav. Sci-Fi series. I really like DS9 (Deep Space Nine). One of my many favourite episodes would have to be Civil Defense (http://www.startrek.com/library/ds9_episodes/episodes_ds9_detail_68188.asp)

Also 'Looking for par`Mach in All the Wrong Places' (http://www.startrek.com/library/ds9_episodes/episodes_ds9_detail_68964.asp) is a fan-bloody-tasic episode.

Who am I kidding, there are no episodes that I didn't like in DS9.

TNG and TOS was great, VOY was ok. I though the most episodes had weak plots (VOY). But they were still good.

Whether or not computer now are faster than in Star Trek 1, I'll assume that star trek 1 is TOS. No, I believe not, until we start getting switchs and red push buttons on our computers they will never be as good:D :p


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I have to say, i used to be against star trek for a while
For the last hmm 2 years or so i really got into it... and since Sky1 got free in England, im even more into it.

My fav is Voyager atm and i have followed >every< episode so far on Sky1 (as they started the whole series from start).
Seven of 9 is my fav :->
Doctor is cool too, hes got this wittyness that really has to be rated for.
And theres humour too...

I find i >do< like TNG but it can be a bit long winded, and it does lack quite a bit of humour.
Although a few episodes ago showed picard having an heart op which shows that these captains are not immortal as a say DS9 shows.

Akash :>

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