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Star Trek Elite Force: A3D or EAX?

I know that Star Trek Elite Force supports A3D surround sound. I also know that my Soundblaster Live 5.1 Digital doesn't support A3D officially. Is there any way to either let STEF work with EAX or let my Soundblaster card work with A3D with (unofficial?) extra drivers?
I have searched around the web about this topic, and I can remember I saw an ad somewhere claiming that my card can work with the 3D effects generated in STEF. I can't find it anywhere, nor do I know where I saw it.

Please help, I am desparately trying to get my card to work in a game. So far I only managed to get it to work in *:eek:*Halo*:eek:*

edit: Of course I updated both the game and the card to the latest (driver) versions ;)
Tell you what, use the KX Project drivers (I do!! They are exactly 50,003 times as good as the Creative ones). They have excellent support for both EAX and A3D :)

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