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Star Fleet aka X-Bomber, Ekkusu Bonba and Bomber X

I was browsing around the UK City of villains forums and ran into some guys avatar that looked like Commander Makara from this TV series.

I used to enjoy the series back in 1984/5 when I was 3/4 years old. Could never remember what it was called though (but oddly never forgot that one characters name. Scary???).

I spotted a few clips on YouTube. After several hours scouring elgooG and findinig the odd one or two fansites I decided to try and find it on DVD/Torrent. However I've discovered that the best edition was the UK TV aired version as it was uncut from the Japanese version just dubbed.

If anyone can point me in the direction of the UK TV version on DVD or a torrent download somewhere I would be oh so eternally greatful!

Some images to help jog memories:

Also http://www.redmeteor.net/mangamaxorionmakara.jpg but I'm at work and dont have the ability to make it forum friendly at the moment. Will do so and update post when I get home.
As a follow up to this I was contacted and provided a link to a torrent for this. While I normally wouldn't post such on OSNN as the VHS tapes are out of print and I've not seen anyone in the UK retailing DVDs it looks like this is not going to be causing OSNN any trouble so here is the link:


The site has an annoying flash thing though - those with Firefox and adblock or those using admuncher may want to block the .swf file :)
As a further update to my searching on the series I have found a site offering all the episodes in what looks to be very good quality on region free DVD. Beyond what us claimed on the site I do not know what this entails (that is whether it is the uncut 24 episodes that aired on UK TV or is the 8 1 hour video edits that had been on sale in the UK).

As the video in the above linked torrent isn't that great I wull very likely order the dvd's as soon as my wages clear in a few days.

Here's the site: http://www.raretvshows.co.uk/star_fleet.php

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