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Stanford on iTunes


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How cool is this? Stanford University is collaborating with Apple by allowing public access to lectures, speeches, debates and other university content, all through iTunes. Even better -- it's free.

There are currently 500 tracks available -- including music recorded by students and professors -- and you have to go through the following link to access them.

Stanford on iTunes

I've attached a screenshot below.



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Not sure if it was Stanford before but I know one of the big name Universitys was allowing downloads of lectures and things in text/pdf format. Having audio and whatnot is much cooler. :)


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Net's I'm surprised that UCLA does not offer this...When I was at SB we had a student run service that provided lecture notes for classes, you just had to pay the daily fee for the notes you needed. I know that some of the CS offer digital services. The only drawback is with net available downloads no one seems to go to lectures anymore.

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