Standby mode is non-existent, why?



Hello. I have just begun to use Windows XP Pro and am enjoying it. There is one thing i'm a bit baffled on. My friend has practically the same computer i do, and he has standby mode on his shutdown screen(press shift to enable hibernate), but on my computer there is hibernate instead of standby, and standby isn't there. He told me to go into power options and enable standby mode, but it isn't mentioned at all in the power options. No drop down menus, none of the power schemes enable it. I even did everything they say in the Help and Support file. Anyone know whats wrong? I don't think i ever had it to begin with. Is it a power supply problem or something? Thank you for all that help.
Check your BIOS and make sure any APM or ACPI power management features are enabled there.


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