Standard VGA drivers,How to get them back



Some how I deleted the wrong file because My pc won't load the standard vga drivers any more which used to load automaticaly at boot time,,,,,When trying to delete old driver files I must have deleted a .pnf file rather than an .inf file.... and let me tell ya,,,No driver removal or reinstall that I try works...I can install/update any driver I want through device mgr.,,but even when I uninstall with add,remove, there is no driver info, or version number in properties. XP won't load the driver it usually loads after uninstall and reboot. No Standard VGA.. what did I do here ! I've already reformatted and reinstalled xp thinking I would get them back but no. I can install drivers too but the refresh rates won't work properly. I use refresh force to fix the 60hz. xp problem but they don't work like they should. Help with this please.

dave holbon

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If you can change your cards settings in XP set them to the following: -

640 x 480, 16 colours at the “default” refresh rate and “apply” the setting ignoring any error messages. Power down, remove the graphics card, switch on the PC and listen for the “beeps” then power-off. Re-install the graphics card, power up XP which should then re-detect the card, re-install the drivers and all should be ok. If you have deleted the “inf” file from the original driver set, XP will not find the drivers but at least you will now be able to download a set from the OEM’s site.

Failing that boot into Safe mode and remove your graphics card then re-boot and download the drivers from the suppliers of the chipset site and not the OEM’s.

Hope this helps but it’s only a general guide, as you did not say what kit your using.

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Hi Dave, Thanks for the response.

I did the card removal and I powered up with no card thinking it would reset the whole works but no go. I searched the web and I searched microsofts knowedge base. Nothing.
By the way,,,,,I did all of this before my original post in here. This is the main problem. The refresh rates all appear to be fine but some games work fine while others launch and the monitor is not centered like when the wrong refresh rate is applied. ok?
I can manually correct this by repositioning the screen. but I should not have to do this. I thought reinstalling XP would work but I was wrong.....Well Dave, there's my specs if it will help. Any ideas will be appreciated.

OS, XPhome
CPU, Athlon TBird 1.2ghz
memory, 1024mb pc-133
audio,Phillips acoustic edge

dave holbon

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It’s quite common for games software to select a non-standard monitor resolution, as with all things to do with computers, some video cards once set-up at say 1024 x 768 will correctly switch to 640 x 480 providing all other parameters are unchanged. It has been my experience however that this is usually not the case especially with newish graphics cards. I have to set each resolution (say 1024 x 768 using 32 bit colour @ 85Hz refresh rate) manually and this I have found you have to do for all resolutions that are not the default for your system if you want then to be correctly displayed. This is not really a bug more of pain as it also changes with the particular monitor you happen to be using as screen centring, pincushion, barrel effects etc are all related both to your graphics card and it’s effect on your monitor.

This aspect of modern graphic card design seems to have been ignored in favour of speed specifications.

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Yeah man,,,,,everybody seems to have that need for speed lately, but I think I have it working now. I just wish I could actually show you how this is working in comparison to the way it was before I deleted the standard vga. allthough I must say,,Having absolutely no driver files at all "in the wrong places" ...definetly makes a difference. I've been using those 43.45 dets that omega drive optimizes. I know he just makes a few suttle changes but with those drivers I can run some games at 1600x1200 with no problem. High framerates too. The IQ is a lot better and all of my games run smooth. If you want to check them out..... give that a read.. Well Dave, I feel your love and I thank you very much.
peace, Dan :happy:

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