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Electronic Punk

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Rather amusingly, I seem to be banned from all Squeaknet servers or I am getting my connection refused.

erm, could someone talk to the ircops and ask em nicely to sort it out.


Secret Goat Fetish
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the serveers were all down bar 1 yesterday, i think they were being patched/upgraded. all backup now though?


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Yeah more ppl on there so I'm guessing all is good again :) Though if you find the right server you can ride the storm out like I did :x


I may actually be insane.
Geffy said:
its only on some of the servers which require ident
Seems a bit pointless, as punk has just said, some people can't actually enable it, besides that it serves no purpose anyway.
it was originally set to do that because of a former user who kept being abusive, I havent seem them around for a while, so I will ask the rest of the opers if they feel like disabling the failed ident banning
TheBadger has been over the network with an identless client and had no problems connecting to any of them so they all should accept connections without a proper ident. If you are still having problems then PM me about them, or ask TheBadger if you are able to get onto another server
We upgraded all the servers to the final version of Unreal3.2 and made sure that they all allowed ident-less connections in the process

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