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[SQL] return two rows from one

I have a slight problem. I am wanting to optimise a set of tables which seem to have been modelled on text based config files (not the wisest idea) for a server application I have to manage.

The table format I want to use is distributed over a couple of different tables which I can link together without much trouble.

The trouble is that the server application wants the data back like this for a specific username:
id, username, attribute, value, op
10, chickens@tempuri.org, Framed-IP-Address,, :=
11, chickens@tempuri.org, cisco-avpair, ip:route=, :=

The lookup is based on the username for the existing database format.

So how can I somehow maybe join up two queries to return two distinct rows of data?

edit: this has to work with MySQL 4.1 btw ;)
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you can't return two rows of data with one query unless the data is on two rows in the database as far as I'm aware.
bugger then, this is what I am needing to do. Will have to investigate if I can stick something in between the database and the application to fetch the data and convert it into what it needs.

@Khayman: I think I need an anti-Union, one query split into two result rows

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