Spyware problem


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ok, i was sitting on my comp and all of a sudden this "SpyBan" program pops up and ****, so i closed it and uninstalled it, but when i ran adaware and spybot, it finds this and i cant get rid of it, it says i can restart to remove it but it wont remove it
one says its a reg key and one says its a reg value

Category:Data Miner
Object Type:RegValue
Location:...\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Approved\
Last Activity:12-1-2003
Risk LevelLow
Description:VX2 Variant, Malware. Causes Popups and may install unsolicited software


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I hate 'em too. Whats the best software or what do you use to remove them? Any recommendation or personal experience please? : )


--== babyface ==--
Wow .. we actually need more than 1 spyware software to detect and ensure our system's safety?

Adaware looks more professional, but I believe both is relatively excellent in carrying out its intended duties .. but still which is better? : )


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At one time it was Adaware all the way for me. That was until I got something that it would not get rid of. I tried spybot and it did the trick. Later, Adaware would take care of the problem after an updated reference file. Either one works very well. The key is to make sure and update regularly as new spyware crops up regularly.