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Sprint DSL connection to microsoft router


NTFS Member...Again..
Just hooked up ADSL from sprint (1.5mb service) and am having trouble hooking it up to my MN-500 Microsoft broadband networking router. The DSL modem is a Zyxel Prestige 645m. I believe I have the settings right in my router, but not sure how to set-up the modem. Any help?


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Can you be a little more specific in terms of what you're having trouble with? If you're not getting connectivity, make sure your cables are correct --I have the exact same DSL modem...the use of its cross-over cable varies, depending on your setup. Took me an hour to get it right. :)


NTFS Member...Again..
Base station just keeps saying connecting and in base station log it says requested PPoE is unavailable. But if I connect it directly to my computer it works fine. So I'm thinking I need to change some setting in the modem...


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The modem should be fine, really no settings for it. However, the Zyxels are a little flaky when crossing through a router. Try playing with the cables a bit.

Just out of curiosity, run the modem through your router's uplink port (I'll assume it has one) and see if that works. Theoretically it's not an ideal setup but for academic purposes, see if it makes a difference.


NTFS Member...Again..
Well still no luck, the modem requires a cross-over cable and will not even show up on my router with a straight-thru. As far as settings in the modem itself, it does have quite a few and have tried putting the router in it's DMZ and still no luck.

Thanks for any help....


NTFS Member...Again..
Finally got it figured out. Had to go through full set-up for the router, and it asked me if the modem did NAT (which was the problem all along) and then set it self accordingly.

Thanks for the help.

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