Spotting Counterfeit Intel Boxed Processors


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6 Dec 2003
I just finished reading this article this morning regarding the a scam "some" retailers are pulling on customers. not only by switching processors, but fake Intel Chips as well. I thought this would be a important read for anyone planning on purchasing a new Intel chip. :)

Link to News Article.

Via Tech arp

Hazards Of Using A Fake Boxed Processor

1. Shorter Warranty

The fake retail processors are not backed up by the three-year warranty that real boxed processors have. If your processor dies after one year (due to the problems listed below or otherwise), you will not be able to get it replaced by Intel. For more information on the warranty of Intel processors, take a look here.

2. Shorter Lifespan

The thermal dissipation of such low-quality coolers is poor. Its fan would very likely use cheap sleeve bearings that have relatively short lifespans. The higher temperatures the processor has to endure and the higher risk of the fan failing will result in a shorter processor lifespan.

3. Poor Performance

Current Intel processors have thermal protection built-in. When the processor temperature reaches a certain threshold, the processor will automatically reduce its temperature by inserting idle cycles, a feature known as thermal throttling. This reduces the performance of the processor. If the cheap cooler fails, the temperature might continue to increase to the point where the processor is forced to shut down, resulting in loss of data.

4. Damage To The Motherboard

Although this phenomenon is rare, a bad fan can damage the motherboard with devastating consequences.

5. Higher Noise Level

The three main concerns when it comes to manufacturing cheap fans are cost, cost and cost. No, the noise level is of no concern at all. Such fans will use sleeve bearings which are cheap but also very noisy.
Counterfeit Intel Boxed Processors
The Hazards

How To Identify A Fake Intel Boxed Processor
Box Print Quality
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How To Identify A Fake Intel Boxed Processor (Continued)
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How To Identify A Fake Intel Boxed Processor (Continued)
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