Sport Ka ad part 1

Is it funny?

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ho3 ho3 ho3
22 Mar 2004

Like drinking from the furry cup of a large woman ROFL


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rofl seen it before but thats a better quality version :D
lmao, just saw it last week and laughed so hard. Seeing it again has lifted my mood. :D Poor kitty
No way that would have been on tv tho?

Unless I am being numb and it has sod all to do with ford.
I don't think it could've been in an ad. If it were, we were sure to hear some news on the cruelty Ford has played on an innocent cat.

I could be wrong...
LMFAO! Hadn't seen this one before.
That is just baaaaaaaaah...
It is a bit humorous (in a sick twisted way), but I have a Tabby exactly like the one in the vid. Buuuuuuuuuurrr.
same here, i've got a cat like that. that was sad. funny yes, but in an odd way.
Tell the truth you guys did not expect that to happen now did you :)
It was a ad made for tv but ford said they were never going to put it on tv. It got leaked and ford got there ar*e kicked about it.
Have a nice day ford execs ;)
Dont worry ad number 2 will be coming soon.
Just trying to get it stuck on a server as its 50kb more then the 1mb limit and file uploads. Maybe Punk could fix that one :)

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