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Spooks Season 7

Spooks is starting up again tonight on BBC1. I've just re-watched the last episode of the last season.

A short breakdown of what happened in season 6 episode 10
The Israeli's bomb a school in Gaza and so terrorists plot to attack at school in London. The Venezuelans approach MI5 claiming to be able to prevent the attack provided MI5 can prevent the Americans from assassinating their president while on a visit to the United Kingdom.

The reason for the assassination in the United Kingdom is retaliation for the British doing a deal with Iran for a nuclear reactor which could not be use for a nuclear weapons program. This removed any reasons for the Americans to either bomb or invade Iran.

A group of former US Marines called the Redbacks, who abducted, tortured and killed Zafar, are operating in London and abduct Jo and Adam with the help of US CIA Liaison Hogan. Hogan runs but is captured by the Americans.

Because MI5 foiled the assassination attempt the Americans will not allow Hogan to give information on the Redbacks to MI5 to help them rescue Adam and Jo. They manage to secure the Americans co-operation by allowing them to take any terrorists captured from the school attack to which the Venezuelans have information about.

The episode hangs on the cliff with Adam and Jo locked in a cell about to be tortured. Jo is begging Adam to kill her and a special forces team is breaching a house. It ends with Jo in Adams arms and the special forces team entering the house. We do not know specifically what has happened to Jo.

Well thats pretty much about it, I hope you enjoy the beginning of the new season of what is the best spy series ever. I could even argue best ever series but I just don't have the energy as I'll be sitting watching it instead :D

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