Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow


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12 Apr 2002
well its out... www.splintercell.com :)

screen shot included...

I am HOPING that the final game will be more fun than this...


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I think I will get ut2004 and leave this one for a bit.
We might get a ut2004 server going...

Depends how the new server takes it!
My LIVE subscription will run out by the time I get it. :(.

Looks great though. :)
This game looks really cool, especially if they can pull off the online component! :)
I am gonna let my subscription die.
The shame of somehow going for elecfronicpunk by mistake is killing me.
:p splinter cell was great, cant wait for this one :D
The game is out! Click here to read the review for the Xbox version.
IGN Rating = 9.5
GameRankings = 96%
just ordered this on play.com, released here on pc a week tomorrow. thanks for the multiplayer link, the thought of online hide and seek is quite a nice one
Gamespot Rating = 9.1 (Editor's Choice)

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