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Splinter cell lighting effects


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What does everyone think of the lighting effects in splinter cell on the pc? I think they are a little mucked up.


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Are you talking about the demo? Because they are a bit messed up in that (eg. light from computer monitors seen through body), but I haven't played the full version so I can't comment on that.


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there are no problems per se with the lighting... there is an issue with saturation when it comes to AA and FSAA AFAIk... but I have not seen it in either the demo or the full version..

personally I have only ever had 1 problem.. and that was fxed with the patch 1.1 released... game crashing to desktop when I entered a vent... :( but its all fixed and I have since finished the game a few times...

the game makes excellent use of dynamic lighting and you can really tell how cool this is by playing maxed out @1600x1200 or by playing with high levels of AA and/or FSAA... the game looks just stunning... :)
Originally posted by prodj88
the demo sucked when it cmae to lighting. but full was good! b/c it had settings and options
the demo runs like an arabic horse with ATI 9700 pro in some areas I get low FPS I think 20 fps

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