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10 Feb 2003
For those of you who need a tool to test SMART and to monitor internal temperatures on your Windows boxes SpeedFan is the tool for you.

I have created a launcher so that SpeedFan can be used portably, on a jump drive for instance. On Vista you need to run it as Administrator to avoid conflicts, it depends on your UAC settings.

1.) Install SpeedFan
2.) Copy SpeedFan folder onto your portable device
3.) Extract the attachment contents to the SpeedFan folder
4.) Use SpeedFn.exe to launch speed fan without having to install it!

SpeedFan Official Site


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Anyway to get this to work with a more current version of Speedfan?

Anyone know how AutoIt was used to create this (I see an AU3 file)?

It seems it installs/starts the speedfan service and after closing stops/uninstalls it.

Speedfan Portable would be great to have. Any ideas?

I've kinda moved out of portable apps, instead just installing what I need as I go. But it wasn't hard to automate this with AutoIt. You have it right about how it works. I just utilized the /silent switches built into the original installer to install/uninstall. You could try Speccy-Portable too. I havn't tried it, but it has similar features.

I did create a new version of this but I can't seem to find it... If you want to create a new autoit program or a batch script these notes may be useful:
NSIS installers recognize /S for silent installation, /NCRC to suppress the CRC (verification) step, and /D=dir to specify the "output directory", which is where the program will be installed. These options are case-sensitive, so be sure to type them in upper case.
Incidentally, all /S does is change the installer script's SilentInstall attribute from "normal" to "silent". What effect this has, exactly, depends on the person who wrote the script. If /S does not perform a silent install, consider submitting a bug report to the installer's creator.
Ok so I was interested to see how it could be done with a simple batch. Its not too bad.

@echo off
echo Installing Speedfan.exe from script root...
start /B /WAIT installspeedfan440.exe /S
echo Waiting for Speedfan.exe to close...
start /WAIT /D "%PROGRAMFILES%\SpeedFan\" speedfan.exe
echo Uninstalling Speedfan.exe...
start /D "%PROGRAMFILES%\SpeedFan\" Uninstall.exe
Save as .bat or .cmd. Tested only on Win7. But it should work on anything post XP.

I was experimenting with the new "kill' commands in Win7, but couldn't get it to work. You could easily use this batch script as your template for an autoit solution too, which has more options for waiting and of course automation if thats what floats your boat.

I couldn't get the script to elevate it's privleges. I know you can somehow... Autoit handles elevation easier if you go that way. I also had problems getting cmd prompt to carry the /S switch to the uninstaller... CMD prompt has no problem with executables from the script root, but didn't like it when I specified a path then tried to apply arguments. Lame... Again AutoIt is FAR easier to implement for this purpose...
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