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Speed up windows?


Kaila Yu

I've been reinstalling Windows a lot, and its hard to make a GOOD installation. Tweaking everytime really sucks, especially when I do it on average every 3 weeks. Anyway, I reinstall because my Windows gets slower each day I work with it. It's only on an 8 gig partition too. Is there a quicker way to get my windows faster, or would I have to just do a full reinstall each time?


Why are you formatting every 3 weeks?
What do you do on your computer?

I usually format about every 2 months but lately it's been jsut about every week because I've been having issues with my motherboard and OpenGl. Back on topic:

What do you do on your computer?

Kaila Yu

I do what most people do. I download a LOT and I change themes a lot. I play a lot of games. I've done a defrag, but it doesn't help that much. My windows hasn't been running smoothly lately at all. If theres a quicker way to get things smoothly rather than reinstalling and tweaking (without ghosting) please let me know :D


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yep i got a quicker way to make it faste, use lindows if you can afford to :D lol ok only joking

theres not much you can do to speed it up , eventualy if you are formatting and reinstalling that often, it will screw the HD up, i used to reinstall once a mounth defrag etc and now my hd is noisy
when accessing data and it has slowed down since i got in 2 years ago its only a standard maxtor 15gb 5700 rpm.
I lot of people think you should go with the XP defaults, as opposed to tweaking/optimising it. I've just finished my XP image, tweaked to high heaven and heavily customised and it is running considerably faster than the 'factory defaults'.

It's taken a weeks to get it to this stage, but I have a far more stable platform to work on, so the work has been worth it.

For the tweakers out there, check out www.xptuneup.com it has to be one of the biggest resources on the net for XP.


I just did a fresh install, after having some performace issues with a controller card, seems ok now :).. but still lots to install :(. To your point.. try TweakXP, you can fiddle with lots of normally hidden options, its abit like TweakUI by M$, but with lots more. Just make sure you do a Restore point before you go changing things, as I found it can really bugga ya setup if not.

Theres a d/l link on the utilities/tweaks page on xp-erience.org

Static 99

Try this little free tool: NTREGOPT - Registry Optimization for Windows NT/2000/XP


Similar to Windows 9x/Me, the registry files in an NT-based system
can become fragmented over time, occupying more space on your hard
disk than necessary and decreasing overall performance. You should
use the NTREGOPT utility regularly, but especially after installing
or uninstalling a program, to minimize the size of the registry files
and optimize registry access.

Perris Calderon

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Originally posted by Steely
I lot of people think you should go with the XP defaults, as opposed to tweaking/optimising it. it has to be one of the biggest resources on the net for XP.

so far, the only thing that I see improving xp are the gui tweaks, for instance, the resart shortcuts, your access to files,and various control items...wich speeds your personal computing, but does not speed your copmputor...if you notice, on the "my favorite tweaks" thread, I think the only tweaks left are gui adjustments.

that's because the old tweaks that were valid on the 9x, have been addressed by mictosoft...ie, io page lock...is false on xp, static page file is not only false, but should eventually lead to performance hits. for anyone that actually uses the ram they have installed...Another of my pet peeves, is partitions...like it or not, and no matter how convienient you think they are, partitions definately suffer performance degradations on xp, proven and written about by ms, yet most experienced users feel some kind of need to partion...when you partition, xp is not as efficient in reading apps, plus, it doesn't tune your files to the optimum

btw, as far as partitions, if you have multiple discs, partitions are of cource recomended, and also, if you only have a single disc and you must partition, put your apps on the same drive as the os...then there won't be a performance hit for your partition philosophy.

otherwise, turning off the services YOU KNOW you don't use will speed your boot time, but will not speed your os...once the service is launched, it takes no juice, except when it's used by the user...so, obviously, if you're turning a service off that you don't know what it does, this could become a performance hit when your os does actually want the service...

As far as your box slowing down, what exactly do you meen? Xp, by it's nature speeds up as you use it, due to it's self tuning design, it should be getting faster every third day! (xp tunes itself every third day).

so, do you meen the boot is slower, or your actual computing is slower? actual computing, then I believe something is wrong with the apps you're installing, or you're changing more then the gui when you're tweaking....

I've had my box for 8 mnths...not one reformat, this babies running faster then the brand new day I pushed the power

ok, out of breath, last words,... look into which services you're turning off, you might need one or two, and don't mess with any os functions...just mess with gui stuff..you also should concider leaving your computor on for an hour or two when you're not using it, so it does tune itself...and of cource, update your drivers...good luck

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