Speed? Reinstall fixes some issues.


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So I decided it was time to wipe my OS X install clean and start from scratch. There were some issues I could not figure out with regards to where I clicked and what window was active.

For example, sometimes I would click on a Terminal window and Mail would still stay active, yet if I typed it would show up in Terminal, i'd have to click on the desktop, click Terminal again, and maybe it would work.

However the best thing I have seen so far is a HUGE speed improvement. When I log in now it is almost instanteneous whereas normally I would wait at least 40 seconds while Finder popped up, while everything in the top bar loaded, and it was no fun. Now I log in, and 5 seconds later I am ready to go do what I got to do. No fun, now I can't take the time to walk downstairs, make myself a Powerade drink and come back up stairs.

Another issue that seems to be fixed for me now is that sometimes my wireless mighty mouse would not register any clicks. Seems to have been fixed as well. Overall everything seems to be working a lot smoother. I had backed up my library, but I deleted most if not all the preferences and kept only the profiles for Adium and Firefox and whatnot, the rest was all from scratch. It takes me a while to set up a machine to my liking, so it will be a while before I feel home again.
Yeah, my roommate at uni wiped his Powerbook and reinstalled everything after he got it back from repairs and he said the same thing - it felt like a new machine. It definitely helps to clean things up once in a while. :)


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I don't doubt it has a lot to do with the fact that I like to screw around with things. I should probably also stop playing with local root exploit PoC's since they are probably screwing **** over as well :p

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