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Perris Calderon

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how many people have taken a speed reading course and what do you think about them?

do you really get better retention with the speed?

which is the best?

do you loose your joy for the style of writing?

any other input too

thanx in advance

Perris Calderon

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perris, the wikipedia article has some good info.
thanx grandmaster that article is helpful, it indicats what I supposed, that it's a form of skimming and once you get over a few hundred words per you loose comprehension

also it tells me something that I didn't know but common sense seemed to indicate;

when I'm reading I like to "act out" in my mind, sort of live the dialogue...it would seem this isn't possible speed reading and I would think not "acting out" the dialogue would spol my enjoyment

so this article verifies a few things I was thinking intuitively

here's a very interesting quote from the article, emboldens are mine;

teh article said:
One interesting outcome from research into speed reading is that speed readers tend to poorly assess their own comprehension level when compared to normal readers who are simply instructed to skim a text (Allyn & Bacon, 1987). The skimming group was found to be better at extracting the details out of a text than speed readers
I would also like to hear in person from the members that have taken one of the courses
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I went on a speed readong course provided by by school way back. I found it only served to confuse me rather than help me. Since it was free though nothing was lost.
i took this course and appreciated the techniques a lot. it has helped me have a more attentive comprehension while remembering the most important details.

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