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Special kind of wallpapers...


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I recently got linux up and running on my laptop and for the background fo my 3 virtual desktops I want to have all pictures of cities taken like... over time so that you can see the paths of the headlights and nothing else. Here's an example of what I mean (I've been looking for this toyko at night wallpaper everywhere but cant' find it)

I already have one, set in denver so I need two more good city shots like this. Anybody know where I could get them? or even what this kind of art is called so I could look into it more?




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bah :)

all I need is 2 more wallpapers of this style! heh

Thanks anyway though, i appreciate you trying to help

Thanks again :)



if you find a link let us know I would be interested in finding some of these for my desktop.

Originally posted by Jewelzz
Well crap, the booger must have taken down the cityscape walls :(

Jaws was asked to take down the entire landscape/cityscape collection...apparently due to some copyright issues with Webshots or something of the sort.
It's a shame really. That was the best collection of wallpapers I have ever seen so far. Luckily, I downloaded all 275 of them a few days before they were taken down.


I may actually be insane.
Originally posted by jawshoouh
yeah i might put them back up soon and just not tell anyone about it ;)
Put em in a nice passworded folder for personal use.

then slip the password out on some forums *whistles innocently*


but its has its copy right thingy on the top, and i keep my task bar on the bottom :(

still, i dont care. :)


I may actually be insane.
It does say somewhere on the site that the copyright is designed to hide behind the finder bar, heh :)
You can edit it out of some of the walls though, I do when I use them on my Windows machine :D

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