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Special DVD Editions

Do special edition DVDs matter to you?

  • Yes, I enjoy all the extras and crazy packaging!

    Votes: 19 57.6%
  • No, I just want to watch the movie and eat my popcorn.

    Votes: 14 42.4%

  • Total voters


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This thread isn't necessarily for new DVD releases, but for re-releases that add extra content. If a movie I want comes out on DVD "bare-bones," I usually won't buy it in expectation of a better edition later on. Sometimes I know that there is a better edition planned, but not always.

Here are some upcoming releases that I'm really looking forward to.

The Shawshank Redemption Deluxe Limited Edition
Goodfellas 2-Disc Special Edition

And of course...



The Analog Kid
there have been only two movies I've found that I've wanted the bonus materials:

Natural Born Killer: Just for Denis Leary's cut scene
Badder Santa


I'm sorry Hal...
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I love my special edition DVDs. I'm a DVD extra whore, can't get enough (especially commentaries).
Although when they release a fairly good disc then a few months later release a "special edition" that's really annoying (like Underworld and so forth), unless they've announced it before the original is release (LOTR, Hellboy etc)

Return of the King is currently rumored to be scheduled for a December release, only some of the extra scenes have been revealed so far

I believe its 10 discs for Matrix Trilogy, although the rumor of the extra 55 minutes of Enter the Matrix footage cut into reloaded is apparently not true


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I'm sure that RoTK will be late November or early December. It's been late November for the previous two. There is nearly an extra hour of footage that will be included on the extended version... I'm really excited! :D
Don't forget the new Showgirls VIP Edition! The picture does not do it justice...its HUGE. :D

  • The Greatest Movie Ever Made": a commentary by David Schmader, with video commentary on the strip-club dance scene by the girls of Scores
  • Lap-dance tutorial featuring the world-famous girls of Scores
  • A Showgirls Diary: storyboard-to-screen featurette
  • Pop-up trivia track
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Set of Showgirls shot glasses
  • "Pin the Pasties on the Showgirl" game with pasties and blindfold
  • Deck of Showgirls playing cards
  • Six photo cards with party games

Electronic Punk

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Got Star Wars on pre-order :p
Working my way thru the shield season 2 at the moment.
Trying to figure out how I can watch Smallville Season 2 without having to pay £35 for it - but haven't seen it for rental.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Electronic Punk said:
Hopefully its the top box, I am not one for crappy bits of plastic.
Except my CRT monitor of course ;)
Top one is the normal special edition, second one is the giftset special edition

lament configuration boxes rule all!


OSNN Senior Addict
mm, I'd like to pick up that Goodfellas release. Better than the first, original packaging it came with a few years back (double sided dvd?).

I still have my starwars VHS box thing from ages ago, would be nice to replace it with something flashier. The Martix package is very desirable though :)


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I agree with pretty much everything you said onimkron. :)

@Speedy - Not a big Hellraiser fan, but that's a pretty sweet edition! :D

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