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Speaking of bullies...

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
This might be one, who won't be so quick to beat up on the ladies next time... Unless he's rather hard headed that is :laugh:

Lets just say, that when a karate teacher, who was making a training video for police, got disgusted with what he was seeing, and went to intervene; the pimp decided to try to pick a fight with him.
Heh. I'm sure the police instructor was a badass...but you don't need to be a jedi-master to knock down a pimp :p I've been doing Krav Maga for nearly seven months now and it's a huge difference in terms of reaction from, say, when all I knew was how to box a little. Knock 'em down with one hand behind me back :D

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Well, that's the thing with some bullies and the like who beat up on the ladies and try to act tough... It doesn't make them good fighters, it makes them an a**hole... People who really practice the fighting arts (such as martial arts), don't get better by picking on people who are relatively defenseless, and though some of em jerks are around, (Kumar Francis for instance, who thought he'd get his jollies beating up some guy in his 70s, when he was in Hong Kong, as I remember); the martial arts community doesn't take too kindly to them...

One gets better by sparing with, and practicing with people who can pose a challenge, and who at times might be better then one. It comes down to what one might have learned (for which both people can have learned something and upped their respective abilities), more then whether someone has pounded someone to the ground, (not the real goal in sparing, or in a training match anyhow). So, when Mr. big bully, who has never faced a real challenge in his life, because he always picks on the defenceless, ends up in it with someone who has truly studied, and practiced with those who have provided some real lessons, bye bye Mr. bully :D

They sometimes intimidate with their actual size, and a few "dirty tricks" for lack of a better word; but even these aren't "unbeatable". My Tai Chi teacher, in fact can be better at some of these, then the people who rely on them. How I know this? Because there comes a time in our practice, where a student can ask him to simulate the "bad ass bully", and resort to some of their tactics of trying to over-power someone; but with the intent that we get practice applying real skill to it. So latter on, we won't be taken by surprise :up:

All said though, they'll never really get good trying to steal candy from a baby (if anyone remembers that episode of the Simpsons, where Burns did that), and more often then not will get the ill feelings of those around them...

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