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Speakers - Opinions please :)


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Hi everyone,

My girlfriend has a laptop with the usual crap speakers, and wants some speakers to use with her laptop to listen to music. Her dad has a Dell PC from a couple of years ago with the standard 2.1 speakers with the subwoofer, and she told me a while ago that she wanted to get some speakers like those. Now, I've been looking at a few speakers on amazon, and I want to spend about £50-£60 on them. I've so far found these which look pretty good, but I wondered if any of you guys have any idea about these speakers, and what they're like compared to the Dell ones. Any help will be much appreciated, and reps will be sent out!


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I was recently looking to a similar budget - and these are what I decided on in the end....

I have no regrets.... also being with a laptop and being for a girlfriend, looks may be a factor and you'd get the full benefit of those with a laptop.... just make sure she likes the look first! (they do come in white also!)


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Oooh they look pretty funky, but I'm not sure if she'd like that design. They sound like they're good quality though, so I'll certainly look into them. Thanks!
Anyone else got any suggestions, or anyone use the Creative ones?


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mlakrid said:
anything harmon kardon, or altec lansing will do..

I would say 2.1 since it is for a laptop...

Cheers, though I'll have to spread some love around before I'm allowed to give you any more rep!


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ray_gillespie said:
Cheers, though I'll have to spread some love around before I'm allowed to give you any more rep!
No problems... in specific I looked on the link that was provided and it brought up a pair of 2.1 speakers (USB powered WITHOUT center speaker)
which were tiward the lower end of what your budget is....



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TDK Tremor S150 speaker system i bought this a while back, they are pretty good for 2.1 speaker system, but when i got them i paid 150 bucks for them, prob cheaper now http://www.dansdata.com/s150.htm.

Check up on those speakers, on the newer ones they kept the same design, but added a remote for it, and same price.
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i would really listen to mainframeguy and go with the jbl creatures... they have AWESOME sound, i have one that i share between my ibook and ipod... if the design isn't really what you want though, the creative speakers are ok, however after extensive use, the sub tends to crackle :(


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Those JBL's kind of look weird....and the speaks are for his girl

I wonder where they got the design from lol...... I think i got a idea

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Cool, cheers for all the advice. Purely because she wouldn't appreciate the Vader helmet I've gone for the creative ones :)

those are also nice, just DON"T push the bass ' limit. the sub will sound like crap if you pump the bass too high :D

congrats on your new purchase :) hope ur gf likes it


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I'll back the JBL Creature speakers as well. I looked at those same Creative speakers you linked to, and for me the primary advantage for the Creatures was their size. They sound incredible for their size, too. I think they are available in white, silver and black.
yep they are.... i think that the power rating is way underrated on the creatures.... they are what? only like 40 watts?? they sound louder and clearer than our pioneer 500watt surround...


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TDK Tremor S150 speaker system is great when i actully use these speaker on my laptop, they really kick..., i also have a logtec 5.1 system that is really nice too.

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