Spanish Members?


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I'm jetting off to Alicante on the 5th of Feb.:D

Do we have any Spanish members here?
If so, can you recommend anything or anywhere worth checking out?
I'll be there until the 11th.

Even if you've only visited there before as a tourist, please let me know
what it's like etc.
I know very little about the area.

If any of you live anywhere near there we could meet up for a beer or two, or sangria if ya fancy it :)

thx ;)


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Hmmm OK. Not really sure about handsome Spanish Guy bit.
You should know straight men have an inherent ability to define good-looking women in a flash. :p
But men!!??!! *clears throat in deep manly fashion*

You wan't string vest, 23:30 shadow, fat cigar, and bald patch right? :p


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Evil Marge said:
Not the dreaded comb over,what the hell makes a man do it is beyond me :confused: :D
I know, it's worse imho than the Grecian2000 brigade.

Look yer getting on.
There's no point denying it.
Hell, there's no point trying to hide it!!.
Give up and wither to a husk and die gracefully that's what I say.:D
(Yep ...I've got a smackhead too :p)
Usually clippered to death so you can't tell what's hair, and what's reflection :p


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hehe, it's awkward for anybody to meet people they don't know.
But ain't that how friendships start?
Nevermind though, as you quite righty put...I won't be there when you are.
Still, if I find anything of merit, i'll post it and let you know ;)

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