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Spam Posters

I notice that each time a member post’s a reply that it’s counted a post even though it’s only a few words or even one word; members with lost of replies like “lol”, “LOL” or any two or three word sentence should not count as a post but a comment not therefore being counted.

2565 post in less than six months (or similar) is not really a true count as far as I’m concerned when the vast majority are less than a proper sentence requiring some sort of thought.

I’ll call these individuals “spam” posters whose only intention in life is to up their postings count.

Some of your mediators are prone to this behaviour.

Electronic Punk

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I have seen addons where "spam" posts are not counted, not sure how it would be measured tho... I think I am currently the second most guilty person on the board tho... :D
Originally posted by Electronic Punk
As long as they don't JUST spam, I don't mind, we got a cool community here, its more than just a tech support site.
Agreed. That's what gives this site character. Sometimes new members are a little timid to post answers to tech problems if they are unsure. The "fun" threads allow them to post something while they get to know a few other members. In the process, they are learning as they go which gives them the confidence to help in the technical sections.

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