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24 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

The spam that has been getting delievered to one of my personal POP3 accounts is astonishing. This has been caused by that new "image spam" that slips on passed my SpamAssassin filters that sit in front of my POP3 account on my domain. Here's the situation:

Right now when I'm at my office, I use Outlook 2003 to check my mail from our Exchange server, as well as mail from 2 of my personal POP3 email accounts. I don't get much spam from my Exchange account, just from my 1 personal email. I've used Spam Bayes before as a plugin per se for Outlook. Is there a way I can make it so that if Spam Bayes sees a spam message from my personal account, and it treats it as spam, it can individually delete it from my mail server as well? This will prevent me from having to login to Web Mail and delete the messages as they come...

Do ya catch what I'm saying? It's somewhat tough for me to explain this, hehe.
I believe you can set which folder SpamBayes filters on. See if you can change the setting under the "filtering" tab to point the "filter teh following folders as messages arrive" to include the pop3 inbox.
Yeah I already changed what folders the filtering occurs on... what I need though is something to say, once it's been declared as spam, to delete that particular message from the POP3 server.

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