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Space needed for XP



Having figured out how to partition my hard drive, and having allotted 3.72 GB for the XP partitionn I am now wondering if maybe I should have asked how much space to leave for the XP OS. Please tell me 3.72 will be plenty.


Thanks. At my age it doesn't take much to make me happy, but that makes me real happy. I've been reading and stewing for over a week before I put my hand to the plow.


I would have thought that 10 Gb might have been a more viable size. That way XP would have plenty of room to work.
Some people may say that 10Gb is too big...but I think those same people would also agree that 3.7 Gb is far too small.

Lots of Luck.


I may actually be insane.

Yes obviously there should be room for growth but as RosyRev stated this is just a partition so i'm gathering thers more space available for expansion etc.

Personally i have 60gb in a 20GB and a 40GB drive.
I have 8GB For windows along with installed programs and 12GB left over for files, the 40GB remains open for whatever (Files/Temp/Linux)
3.72 gig should be fine for the operating system, but I wonder (as you mention that you “assigned” this space) what other systems you are running?

If you are dual booting (or more) XP will take up some space on the drive where the XP system files are installed. You will never be able to uses this for normal storage options and if you machine has (say) 512mb ram you could lose half the drive to the system swap file (worst case) until you apply service pack one. Adjusting this is for experts only.

I suggest that you use a minimum of a 10gig partition for XP if you run your apps like Office etc, from within XP. If you don’t run any apps from within XP you might get by with 3.72 gig.


The hard drive I used is a 40 GB drive. I also have an 8 GB slave.
Money being a matter of consideration, I don't have any exotic programs onboard or in the plans. I'm using MS Works for any office-type work. I'm hoping that I can place most everyything else on the rest of the 40 GB drive or on the 8 GB drive. However, every new program that comes out cries for more drive space.
Thanks for your ideas. I'm hoping to learn from this group.


I may actually be insane.

I think its a good idea to put your windows install on a smaller partition and keep important files on a seperate drive / partition, thats why i have XP installed on an 8gb partition (i have a fair few programs installed in the 8Gb requiring a lot of space) but i also have a lot of apps and downloads on the spare space, the sort of apps which dont need re-installing to be used properly, so i can (If ever needed) format windows without losing as much data.


hardware monkey
same here. i have a seperate partition for my games and after a format, 90% of them will work without having to reinstall them.

3.72gb is plenty for just the os. i find xp takes up 1.5gb after a fresh install, so maybe 2gb after drivers and future registry expansion.
The question is: will the pagefile fit in there as well? I'd put that on another partition if you only have a 3.72 GB partition.


I may actually be insane.

I'm guessing you have the other partitions formatted as named drives? (IE d:\ e:\ or whatever)

Right click on my computer
Click properties
This will bring up the system properties dialog.
click the [Advanced] tab at the top
click the first settings button at the top (under 'performance')
then click the [Advanced] tab, then the Change button at the bottom.
You should now have a dialog with a listing of your drives and partitions, select the one you wish to host the page file and set it to what you want (Custom or system managed)
voilla, you should be set. :)

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