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SP2 Uninstall problems

so i install SP2 update to a Dell which has SP1. (my girlfriends parents).. im telling them how great the security is, and the built-in firewall and blah blah...

so it load and great, everything is functional.. i goto update it again with the new updates MS has,.. updates.. and on reboot i get a bunch of little blue vertical lines.. not long.. but short.. probably 100 or so.

i reboot and the same thing.

so i try to uninstall SP2 with "$NTServicePackUninstall$\SPUNINST.TXT" on the command prompt from cd (after a load from cd, recovery console...)

i goto "BATCH SPUNINST.TXT" and its not there... it says it cant do it.. so i say screw it.. to Safe Mode i go.

in safemode i delete the update 824141.. or atleast i try.. it says something is missing and it cant revert to the original. so i say screw it,.. dont revert.. but i keep the uninstall going.

big mistake.. the reboot takes me to a big fat error and nothing is good at all.

i try to reinstall windows OVER the existing partion of windows (C:) and ahhhhhhhh!!! now its saying "the procedure entry point GetIUMS could not be loacated in the dynamic link library MSDART.DLL"

so i press OK, and W&*@*(&JMND(!! grrrrrrr!

this is where i am stuck.

do i need to reformat?? i'd like to avoid it since there are so many pictures and all sorts of mom things that are crafty and her brothers essays..... (i dug a deep one here)

help guys!! i know you can do it!! you guys rock! :) :)
honestly. thanks for any help.



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boot in safe mode with networking and share the drive and then take all the impotant files off the drive over a network and then replace them when you are done formating.....I do this everytime i have to format my laptop


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like Zeke said - you'll need to take ownership too and I guess you minimum needs are another computer with a crossover cable. Let us know if you have those, or maybe others have some more ideas....

Have you tried booting to last known good config? Or Recovery console? Or sfc/ scannow? I think the last one might be good for you if you have no network capability - let us know....


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well = let us know when you try - so long as you did not select any formatting you should be able to get that data back and save your neck - I think everyone that posted to help would like to hear back how you do it too - so let us know!

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