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SP2 Clarification...........


Not Too eXPerienced
Downloaded and installed XP SP2 from Microsoft and this is what I got:

Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803)-2158: Service Pack 2

i would just like to know what the "2158" means since from what I know the final build is 2180,,

Im hoping for your immediate response and thanks in advance....




Looks Kosher to me.

The 2158 is the time it was complied if you want to find the version just look it up in accessories--> system tools--> system information and it should say what version it is under: 'Hardware Abstraction Layer'.
Looks good to me... I downloaded the actual one available on the MS site the other day and installed it over a brand new SP1 installation and got the same version number. That's the RTM version that was released to OEM's, apparently. The one available on Windows Update I'm assuming will be 2180.
SP2 build 2158 vs. 2180 ?

Ok I got the IT SP2 version 2158 but I hear the final version is 2180. Now I guess I'm sort of ticked off (pulling out hair and screaming quietly) b/c I thought 2158 was the final. So does anyone know what the big difference is and is there a way to update to 2180 other then auto updates which I heard isn't going to start providing updates until the 25th at least for XP pro, other then reinstalling and slipstreaming 2180?

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