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How do i change my serial number to give sp1 a go.
my software is legit and built into my p.c from purchase but some prob with sp1 installing due to serial so i have got some other generated number to try but dont know how or where in system i change it.
If all else fail i need to save over 30gig of my personal files to wipe copmuter with recovery cd

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If you are certain that your software is legit, I would seriously consider contacting Microsoft:

a) Your computer builder is using an illegal corporate key...
b) Your corporate key needs to be changed, if it is legit.

The service pack only blocks that one key which is from an illegal version of Windows released August 24th 2001.

Who was the Manufacturer?
Here's a simple 3 step guide to changing a cd key. The only copy of XP that i'm aware of that doesn't require activation is the corporate edition. If you have a straight up copy of XP Professional then you'll need to make sure you have a legitimate key to reactivate with.
Oh, forgot to mention. Another way to use a new cd key without having to do a full format, etc is to start a new installation and choose the 'upgrade.' I think this is only available to corporate edition users because standard retail versions are hamstrung in the upgrade option during a new installation. Either insert the cd and let it autostart, or run winnt32.exe in the i386 folder.

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