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I see rumers on web that 28 this month may be release for SP1 XP.
What i'd like to know is like the leaked beta,s will you download at own leasure from a microsoft site or will it be among update on microsoft update site i use frequently.
Also i now its meant to come with WMP 9 and DIRECT X 9 but will i benifit from DX9 as i have g-force 4 ti4600 not meant to support DX9 and what else will be new improved.


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The file that will show up on windowsupdate when the SP gets to final build status will be about a 500KB exe file that will then download what u need for your system


Thanls to two of,i also asked what else it will have that i havent incuded above,will it just be all critical update in one package with DX9 and WMP9 throwen in or more improvements.
I am running latest 1097 beta and cant find much different although new bete wmp is brill compared to earlier betas and can go on net now and has spdif interface for dvd.
I read CATCH said it will be available in two choices as ( 1)on update page or (2)an individualo download from microsoft product page,i would like 2nd option as the beta was 129mb and i dont want to download this evertime i reformat,even with 1024k modem(meg).
I would like to download file to desktop like beta then burn to cd for future formats and might have a go at what one user did on here and burned a new xp cd with sp1 already on it.


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It will also have all of the updates that came out before it did. And as catch said u will benefit from DX9 even if ur card doesn't support it, and WMP9 is part of it bur otherwise I'm not totally sure what will be fix otherwise


Bet they make a mess on WMP9, just when it's starting to get good they'll go all Real Networks on it..


You are better off downloading the whole Sp1 not the small web install file.

And Yes Media Player 9 is the best ever (I realy like Taskbar Mode)

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