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SP1 uxtheme.dll broken links?


OSNN Junior Addict
why are all links to the uxtheme.dll for SP1 or PatchXP for SP1 broken ...can someone please provide me with a working link?


NTFS Stoner
Basically the site owner has vanished, he has the keys to the site and dont trust no 1 else by the looks of it. I couldnt even get the recent drivers updated. try google mate.


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
lol, it could have just been a mistake... i do it sometimes because i use ibf as well, the buttons are the outher way round on ibf ( new reply is 1st button )


pm me yr email or write it here if you dont care that everybody sees it and ill send it to u.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
I do have access to the downloads module.
If I have the time I will go thru the links and change xp-erience.org to ntfs.org :p

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