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SP1 screws up my network?



After installing sp1 my network either functions ok,or my 2 comps cant see each other at all, or it takes a few minutes to find each other, or just trying to map a drive on xp causes a crash. Before sp1,everything is very fast and works great.It took a couple rounds of reformatting,tweaking,pulling my friggin hair out, and trying every option on every forum ive seen,or any faq on "WIN XP NETWORKING", to figure out the problem is sp1! My specs are below and keep in mind it is not a hardware problem because this configuration works with any other combination of os. Ive also tried screwing with the services on the xp box, but no help.Everything is fine until sp1,even with all the same settings

Ok heres my setup-

Computer #1
XP Home ED OEM(LEGAL and Activated)
linksys nic- static-
file sharing activated-netbios activated-Client for microsoft activated
gateway is the router)

Router- Netgear 114 running off ATT cable(

Computer #2
Windows 2000 Pro
linksys nic-
file sharing activated-netbios activated-Client for microsoft activated
gateway is the router)

Both computers have an identical user/password account setup
Both are on the same workgroup
Both have new shares set up for sharing drives
XP firewall is disabled
Everything works until sp1,,,thanks Microsoft


Just a little update,,,i reformatted and installed xp one more time,got the lan running great,and instead of installing sp1,i just installed the other various updates thru win update,and i got the same problem,,,no network lan,so one of the updates is screwing me,,,,but which one

feel free to reply,,,,please,i need help!!!!


try making an XP install cd with SP1 slipstreamed into it and then reinstall the PC with that.
I recommend turning off QoS packet scheduler and also the authentication crap as I dont see how that would work with 2K as it doesnt include the same. check the router settings to make sure they're sound

alternatively, install QoS packet scheduler on 2K (its installable)... also, could it be possible that its something to do with it being OEM winxp? have you contacted M$ about it?

while i think on... try deleting the network info and resetting it back up WITH all the patches/SP1 on...

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