SP1 Failed to Fix Several Windows Vista Bugs, Do We Need SP2?

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
27 Feb 2008

As we all know Microsoft released first service pack for Windows Vista this March and tried to fix all broken things in Vista including bugs, performance issues, security issues, etc.

When Windows Vista was under testing, I found several bugs and reported them to Microsoft but to my disappointment, almost all of them are still present in SP1. Only 1 bug got fixed in SP1 but other bugs are still present and can be easily re-created. So I want to ask you a simple question! Do you think, its time for Microsoft to release SP2?

I posted an article earlier containing all Vista bugs which can be easily re-created on any Vista machine. One of them is as following:

File Renaming Bug:

This bug appears when you try to change a file name as well as its extension.

First make sure “Hide extensions for known file types” option is disabled in “Folder Options“. Now open Explorer and try to rename a file. Type a new name and also change its extension, then click on empty area in Explorer, Windows will show a confirmation dialog box. Click on “Yes” button. As soon as you click on “Yes” button, a weird selection rectangle will be created from the point you clicked on empty area to the “Yes” button location.


There are several other bugs which are very annoying. So please take a look at the following article:

[Did You Know] Ultimate List of Windows Vista Facts, Bugs and Goof-ups

So after reading the article, pls post your opinions. What do you think, is it time to expect SP2 for Windows Vista?
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Great list of bugs indeed - would be interesting to see that list grows and if/how MS responds :)
SP2 is a given :)

Service packs will be rolled out when there are sufficient updates on both windows update and "call technical support for a link" types, even if they don't add new features it'll make life easier :)
sp2 is on its way, this is a fact, any and every bug they couldn't fix in sp1 plus all the updates since will be in it, people need to learn and understand that they cant just click their fingers and expect everything to be fixed all at the same time.

Life isn't that simple
A new bug which I found yesterday:

1. Right-click on the Desktop or in the Explorer and select “New -> Shortcut“, It’ll open “Create Shortcut Wizard“.
2. Now either click on “Cancel” button or press “Esc” key to exit from the wizard and get ready to see the bug.
3. Again right-click on Desktop and you’ll see a new entry “Undo Apply Properties“. Properties? Which properties? Did we apply any property which we should undo now?
4. OK. Not a big issue but try to click on this new entry and you’ll be surprised to see an error message:


WTH??? Windows can’t find the new shortcut which I never created. Keep clicking on “Try Again” button and it’ll keep showing the same error message again and again. Now click on “Cancel” button and the “Undo Apply Properties” option will change to “Undo“. Click on “Undo” and it’ll change to “Redo“.

Keep clicking on both these options and enjoy the endless loop unless you End Task of Explorer or log off/restart your system.http://www.askvg.com/bug-new-windows-vista-bug-found-in-creating-new-shortcut/
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alright.... i'm sorry, but i can't stand this meaningless sh*t anymore. Just another person apparently trying to make Vista seem like the lesser OS. Of course you're probably going to find little bugs here and there if you go out LOOKING for them. The more important stuff to me, and more than likely to the vast majority of people in the world, is the bugs that you can encounter without even trying.

Like a lot of people randomly create shortcuts on their desktop, even accidentally, and then decide not to. And if they do... how many of them think "Hmm.... This "Undo Apply Properties" selection HAS to do SOMETHING!!!!!11!!1" You know why it probably does that? because when you click the "cancel" button in the create shortcut wizard, it basically makes it seem like the file never existed. doesn't move it to the trash can.... and apparently doesn't even leave any reference that the file was removed from the desktop. All the "Undo Apply Properties" seems to try to do is maybe alter the file name, or maybe even delete the file from the desktop, but since it's not there, it can't do anything.

And oh my god.... there's a selection box around nothing. Everyone in the WORLD is going to have a heart attack. Since when were computers, or even OS's, perfect? never.

Service packs never (again.... NEVER!!!!!!) fix EVERY bug. they fix the more obvious ones that are a part of EVERY DAY USE, that can be found without doing things that aren't frequently done. Stop nitpicking Vista just because maybe you found a key on your keyboard that will add a different character to a filename than what is on the key itself.

Vista bashing has to come to an end at some point.... and i'd prefer NOW!
I can understand where are you coming from. I would like to clear one thing. Its not Vista bashing. Its an attempt to make Vista perfect without any bug.

Did I ever say Vista is bad? Don't use Vista? I like Vista, I use Vista. Even most of my tutorials are made for Vista. That doesnt mean that I should not find bugs. Finind bugs and reporting them is a good habit and I hope they'll be fixed either via an update or SP.

Since discussion forums are a good place to share such things, I decided to share these bugs with you all. Thats it. I again say I'm not a Vista hater.
im using vista and i like it a lot.. but i do find a lot of ui bugs

like plenty of times i delete some folder and its still there till i restart.. quite odd, and a bit annoying

and lets not forget how it doesnt remind the view options for each folder without tweaking.. they should fix that asap, not on the next SP
I like Vista. It is fun to play with. Thanx for the site VG, it is very informative ...

And, ed; I can see where you are coming from. But as stated, this doesn't appear to be a vista bashing thread. Unless I missed the normal "Vista Sux" some where ??

As note of my own personal opinion: I hope there aren't any more service packs out, as I want Windows 7 to be the next one out :)
^^ Thanks for the understanding. :)

Absolutely. I have also faced file deleting problem many times, mostly when I copied some movie files from a DVD. It doesnt allow me to delete/rename the file unless I restart the system.
Dragon, I understand your views, opinions are what forums are intended for. but individuals such as Vishal who have a passion for the work he does and shares on the forum does not even come close to "Vista Bashing"

Bugs are bugs in any software, and improving on something to make it better or more enjoyable is something we all like to see. :)
^^ Thanks. I really appreciate it. You said it right. There should be no harm in improving something, thats why I have reported all bugs to Microsoft. :)
Vishal: i understand that it doesn't hurt to find and report bugs.... but if you understand where i'm coming from, then you'd understand that the thread title isn't the greatest choice with all the actual Vista bashing going around. For one... the idea of saying that SP1 failed to fix several bugs. If you really understood where i was coming from, then you should see that saying such isn't really going along with what i said about them focusing on the more important bugs. Then there's also the fact that a lot of times prior to SP1's release, and ESPECIALLY shortly after Vista itself was released, there were a lot of people saying Vista was a failure, bring on SP1.

Anyway... case and point.... no matter how many bug discoveries are filed... an OS will never be perfect. 99% of the time they're long since replaced by a newer OS before the bugs are worked out, while that new OS has bugs, and a fairly large number of the bugs in that one get fixed, then another OS is released.... rinse, repeat. Sorry that i kinda went off the handle there.... but i've seen way too many bashing threads, and several times they seemed to focus on negligible things. Kinda like how pre-SP1, people were complaining cause they couldn't install Vista x64 on their computer which had *insert CPU here* and 4-8GB of memory, because it would always BSOD at random points during the install, usually right near the beginning. If they'd only looked around, they'd have easily found that there was an issue with installing the OS with more than 3GB of memory, and the way to get around it was to remove a stick of memory so you'd have 3GB or less, install the OS, install the patch, and reinstall the extra memory.
ED - I respect your opinion and appreciate you backing it up intelligently, but agree with tdinc here as you now seem to as well. I would however like to also agree with you on the thread title being a little misleading, but I think it's more stimulating to get the thought process going than something else. I haven't ever found his threads to be bashing Vista at all.

Also keep in mind that we need to respect the views of other forum members, regardless of who they are or how long they have been here. If you were in fact to have a serious issue with a member or a post, please handle that with a forum leader.

On the lighter side of the news, Vista doesn't make me my protein shake in the morning!!!!! Sure, you laugh, but that is the last thing I want to do when I first wake up believe me!
Thanks guys. I agree with you and I apologize for choosing this topic title. :)
Thankyou ED, I personally love Vista an any problem Ive had (blue screen etc) has all been due to drivers and Vista gave me a link on reboot right to the very .exe I needed to update - love that new problems re****ions feature.
I absolutely LOVE Vista and I found this thread to be very interesting. It's good to know that these are general bugs rather than problems with individuals PCs. I've come across a couple of Vista bugs since SP1 myself and the only way I can tell that it's not just a problem for me is threads like this.

Thanks for the info Vishal.

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