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pc2100 is 266mhz. i've never messed with a kt400 board, but there should be a fsb:memory divider in the bios so if your fsb is 333mhz, you can run your memory at 266mhz using a 5:4 divider.

but if you're using a 266mhz cpu, your fsb will be 266mhz and you'll be fine from the getgo.


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well I was thinking of buying a new mobo with a Barton 2500+...I already have 768 MB of DDR 2100 and just wanted to use that
If you do, you have two choices:

1: Set the CPU FSB to 333, but keep the memory at 266. This causes the mem and CPU run asyncronously, which results in lower performance. Then, when you get the cash for PC2700 memory (or higher), you can bring up the memory to match the CPU FSB.

2: Set the CPU FSB to 266 and mess with the multipliers so you still get 1.83 GHz. Currently, the multiplier is 11 (at 333 FSB). If you set the FSB to 266, try to set the multiplier to 13.5. This will get you almost the exact speed, but I will tell you the higher FSB will perform better. Since the Soyo you are looking at is a VIA chipset, you might have to do something to unlock the multiplier (I know nForce chipsets unlock Bartons automatically).

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