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Sounds missing problem


Was LadySunshine
On the Sound Schemes dialog box there is a list of the different sounds and what they are for...well there WAS one in the list called "Default" and now its missing. The wav file is still in there but its not on the list for me to add it in. When you would check the volume on the system tray, it would make a sound which I am including in this post, as you move the slider this sound would get louder and lower, well thats missing and you get nothing now... I tried a different sound scheme but without that in the list it wont work.

Any help would really be apprecited. Its a little pet peave of mine.. lol

Shamus MacNoob

Political User

Why dont you just make a new set using the sounds you want for each action, just highlight each item in the window and browse to the sound you like, you can use any sound as long as it is .wav :cool:

Shamus MacNoob

Political User

When you say "that Default" you mean the sound scheme?

you can rebuild a sound scheme for any action you make on the computer all you do is go to the sounds panel and load a scheme nop matter the name and there is a list of actions with a sound that is listed for each one by one you highlight an action and it shows you which sound is used you can preveiw the sound and also change the sound for each action, so what I dont understand is 1: youre saying the action for the sound is not listed? 2: or is it the default sound list your worried about?

If it is the default sound list so what........just rebuild a sound scheme if it is the action that is missing I dont know why that one action would not be listed as an option for all schemes now I looked at mine last night and it looks at first glance that all the actions are listed in any scheme but not all the sounds are the same .wav but you can change any sound for any action hence you can make a sound for the action your talking about if you know what the title of the action is ......... sorry I am trying lolol :cool:


Was LadySunshine
no..you guys got it wrong... do me a favor... list me all the different sound "options" in the list... like Start up, shut down, restore up, restore down... etc. list them and I'll tell you the one MISSING.

Shamus MacNoob

Political User

sorry but that would take me an hour to do ......... maybe you should try a restore and go back to a time it was ok , or reinstall windows if its that important to you I would like to help but I see about 50 sounds and whats more it looks like any sound scheme they list all the same ....... so all you need to do is find the name of the one your not hearing tell ya what you list them and I will look for the missing one .............or if you like I took the events default list from the windows reg...... add this to your reg by extracting the zip file to ( my docs) and right click on the events.reg and merge if you like use it to look at the default list all the default sounds are listed open the events.reg with notepad to edit (or read) and you can match that against the ones you have listed if you merge it you will have the default list as it was before ;)


Was LadySunshine
Ok, I did a system restore to a very early point, I have a few programs to "fix" but aside from that the sounds are back the way they should be and its working better. I also got a registry cleaner and cleaned it up a bit... much faster too. :)

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