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Sounds are Changing


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Alright, just installed XP, loaded the motherboard CD, installed all drivers.

Now all my sounds are varied, no matter if its music, video, on the internet, the sound it makes goes up and down, load, quiet, etc etc all by itself. I can't seem to find anything wrong, there is no extra card in the system, this is onboard sound. I have never seen something like this before..


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I would try to remove and readd your sound drivers, that would fix the issue IMO. I wouldn't think hardware, unless you had a problem with the sound before you reloaded XP on this box. Also check to see you have the most up to date sound drivers

There may be a chance you were using a newer version before you reloaded, and the CD is older and has a problem with it.


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I thought of that before you posted, because I was using the motherboard drivers on the cd that came with it, might be abit old.

I have been trying all day to download the audio drivers from asus website, but as most of us know there website and download servers are crap.

Is there some other place I can get those drivers I need?


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I would strongly recommend AGAINST trying to obtain drivers from anyhone but the source.

What is the link? Perhaps other people from other locations will have better luck trying to get them and can then get them to you somehow?

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