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Soundcard w/ multiple audio programs


The Analog Kid
I have a Sound Blaster PCI 16 (old I know, but it does what I want). Well, anyway, my problem is that I run pro audio apps (Sound FOrge, Sonar, Pro Tools, etc). When I use Sonar for multi track recording I should be able to open SOund Forge and edit there also. The problem is that I get an error on playback that says MS Soundmapper cannot play back. Same error if I use the Creative wave out. This only happens if both apps are open. If I close one, I don't have the problem. I never had this problem when I used WinME or Win98. Anyone have any ideas how I can circumvent then and get both programs to play back when the other is open. It's really a pain to have to save everything and close out one of the programs to edit in the other....


Your using some pretty nice programs there and ur still using SB 16... at least upgrade to a Vibra 128 if not SB Live!

Thats a Max Voices issue i think... there should be a setting in the creative software...


The Analog Kid
Yes, I love these programs. Do alot of recording. At least I used to. The SB 16 has never failed me before. Alas, I think I will be saving for a pro Delta Audio card/ In/Out. PM, IM or email me and I can probably help you out...

Oh, I wish Creative would put out software for this card and XP, but again, I'm stuck with just XP generic drivers

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