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6 Jan 2004
I was wondering if i used one of my out ports on my soundcard if i got a cable to convert from headphone size (soundcard) to rca cable(tv) and put into my tv audio in, is there a way control the volume while laying on bed with remote on the tv (not the computer loudness just the tv speakers) instead of getting up
Usually no. RCA inputs on TVs (except TV's that have their own dynamic tuners built in such as Dolby or DTS) usually controlled by what you plug into it. You could get a radio wireless remote to connect to your PC to control the sound from there.
Not necessarily, dont forget, if you were to use a VCR on the inputs, your controlling the TV's volume not the VCR.

I think u mean the TV's output, this is not controlled via the TV remote.
yes, the volume will be controlled my the tv. the tv has total control over the volume that comes out of it's own speakers.

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